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If you have any questions about your order,
please reach out to us!

By Phone: 886-312-6668
By Email: support@horsescoutdesign.com

Return Policy

If you are not satisfied, we will take it back…no questions.

Our goal is to provide products that our customers love. If you are not satisfied with the final product, for any reason, you may return all or part of your purchase for a replacement or refund within 30 days of receipt.

To better our products and service to our customers, we may ask for photographs of any manufacturing defects. Horse Scout Design currently only ships to the continental US. Shipping to all other regions is coming soon!

To process a replacement or refund, please contact support@horsescout.com

Getting Started

1. Photographers and Artists wishing to sell their designs: “Sign Up” and create a new customer account. Write a description about your designs for others to learn about your products. You can place your design as a Artist/ Photographer or personal user on one or multiple products, you control the products your designs can be printed on.

2. Personal users wanting to print their own products (not selling to others) choose the option “create your own”.

Tracking Your Sales

You can track sales of your artwork via the Sales Dashboard in the left navigation panel. Once you’ve sold items, they will show here along with the royalty payment you’ve earned.

Uploading Work

Upload your artwork and size it according to the products or aspect ratios the products you’d like to create require. After you’ve created your products, you can always go back and tweak or update designs. Artists and Photographers, don’t forget to add a name and description of your artwork so it is searchable by our customers at a later date.

Getting Paid

Horse Scout Design Artists and Photographers earn a 10% royalty on the artwork they sell, and are able to set the final sales price of their items (above the retail threshold). Payments will be made quarterly to all artists whose accounts have earned over $10 in royalties via a Paypal payment. If you prefer to do an ACH deposit, you can contact our accounting department to set that up at accounts@horsescout.com

Account Support

We have a dedicated team to assist you with design issues or payment questions. The Horse Scout team endeavour to be available 24 hours a day, with the exception of the occasional national holiday.

If you need technical assistance with your account, please reach out to support@horsescout.com. If you need assistance with your account sales and payment, please reach out to accounts@horsescout.com.


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