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To a world leading equestrian audience

Horse Scout Design (HSD) considers itself as the artist´s personal PR agency providing a prestigious marketplace that helps equestrian/lifestyle artists and photographers reach millions of new equestrian customers in the U.S., Europe, and the UK. It enables the artist to leverage multimillion-dollar marketing campaigns and sell their designs on an international scale.

The Horse Scout Team coordinates everything, ranging from manufacturing, printing and shipping through to 24-hour customer service. This opportunity allows the artist to really focus on creating unique art and designs while HSD handles the entire purchasing and manufacturing process.

We consider ourselves as an exciting gain creator helping artists to benefit from our unparalleled knowledge and distribution channels in the equestrian world. Emphasizing their uniqueness while raising awareness amongst equestrian enthusiasts across the globe.

Horse Scout owns the World’s No.1 equestrian websites and print magazines with a customer base exceeding 11 million in 2020. From 2021 onwards we will be partnering with world-renowned equestrian venues including the Winter Equestrian Festival, Global Dressage, The International Polo Club Palm Beach, and Tryon International Equestrian Centre, home of the World Equestrian Games 2018.

The artist has complete control over their art and can independently decide which products they would like to see their art featured on.

The Horse Scout Team offers the above-mentioned services whilst giving the artist a 15% royalty fee every time their imagery is purchased/printed on one of the products.

For more information regarding artist collaborations and bespoke packages, please register your interest using the form at the bottom of this page or contact the team on 866-312-6668 or [email protected]

Why Sell on Horse Scout Design?

World #1

News & Marketplace

We own the most trusted equestrian platforms in the world;



Marketing Budget per year

– Media representation via and Horse Scout Group partner
– Assets including events sponsorships


Reach on social media

Horse Scout Design online digital advertising campaigns managed by Horse Scout Team on and


Impressions per month

With our digital reach…

– Magazines
– Events
– Equestrian destinations of influence.


Users in 2017 from
327 different countries

Horse Scout Design online digital advertising campaigns managed by Horse Scout Team on and

Largest Equestrian Events Portfolio

Access to our venues

– Rolex Central Park Horse Show U.S.
– Winter Equestrian Festival U.S.
– Tyron International Equestrian Center U.S.
– International Polo Club Palm Beach U.S.

World Leading Manufacturing Partners

Producing high-quality products

– Consultants within the team including equestrian specialist Lucienne Elms to work with the largest manufacturing organisations in Europe, UK, and US.
– All our products are created in the territory the customer orders from, by manufacturers focused on producing high-quality products.

Social Influencer

Meet and greet activations

The agency represents double Olympic World Champions, present world-ranked riders and mainstream media influencers in the industry to curate meet and greet activations and experiences.

How does it work?

You Create & Upload

Once you’ve finished your latest masterpiece, simply upload it to your Horse Scout Design profile, choose your products and set your pricing. Products can be found by the millions of people who visit HSD each month, or you can direct your customers to your very own artist page on Horse Scout Design.

We Handle The Transactions

When people purchase your products, we handle the payment and pay you the agreed royalty fee.

We Arrange For Delivery

We ensure a safe and straightforward delivery process, from collecting shipping information to making sure your products get to your customers in time.

We Coordinate The Printing

We take care of the high-end printing and only dispatch the most beautiful products featuring your art.

We Handle Any Issues For You

In the unlikely event that something is not to the fullest satisfaction, our excellent Customer Service team handles any issues you or your customers might have.

Our Pricing System

Unlike many other sites, Horse Scout Design gives you total control over what you sell your art for.


The base price covers our service and the operational costs involved in making each product.



You have complete control when setting the margins on your products.



This is the final price your customers see.

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